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The Best Way to Keep a Positive Attitude

As I've often written...

One of the most important and most difficult things to do in your job search is to maintain a positive mental attitude.

Allowing the grind and the ups-and-downs of a job search to drain your optimism and determination will invariably harm your chances of landing your next job.

So what should you do? Much has been written about charging your batteries each day with positive input, avoiding negative influences, and many other techniques. However, the most effective way to gain and keep a positive attitude is to do the things you know you ought to do!

One of the most discouraging things for most job seekers is to get to the end of their day, or week, and feel like they were unproductive. Even though they felt busy, they realize that they avoided doing things that were uncomfortable for them but would most likely have been more effective. Doing the things that you know you ought to do will encourage you to know that, even if you don't have a job offer yet, at least you're doing the things that will get you there.

Evaluate your day...

Do you spend several hours reading job postings online to avoid following up applications with a phone call?

Do you "network" with your best friend for the 3rd time this week instead of making new contacts?

Do you tweak your resume for days or weeks before you start reaching out to new connections at companies you'd like to pursue?

While it's easier to feel busy without stepping out of your comfort zone. You know it's not the most effective way to pursue your job search. Make a decision whether you're going to only do what feels comfortable, or if you're going to be willing to do what it takes to land your next job more quickly. Once you've made the mental commitment to step outside the box of your comfort zone, it becomes easier to stretch yourself.

Conquering your fears and hesitations gives you a great sense of accomplishment and confidence. Knowing you spent your day and your week doing the things that you ought to be doing, you will invariable boost your attitude. Do what you know you ought to do. It's the best thing you can do for your job search!


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