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Quit Looking For Easy

There is an ocean of job search advice available online, in bookstores, libraries, government workforce centers, and local job groups. Some advice is great, some is worthwhile, and some... not so much. It's not unusual to find articles, books, or speakers claiming to make some aspect of your job search "easy".

There are many titles along the lines of:

Three Easy Steps to Your Next Job
Networking Made Easy
The Easy Way to a Perfect Resume
No Hassle Social Media For Your Job Search
Pain Free Interview Prep

...and many others.

It's appealing to think that there may be "easy", "no-hassle", "pain-free" ways to do your job search. Put your quarter in the top and the gumball pops out of the bottom!

Unfortunately, an "easy job search" is a myth.

While some people with particularly hot skillsets often land new jobs easily, and some people are fortunate to happen to catch the right opportunity at the right time quickly in their search... the vast majority of job seekers struggle to do things outside of their comfort zone. Most people are not professional job seekers, and so need to learn new skills, develop new habits, and be willing to do new things that don't come to them naturally or easily.

Certainly some ideas and tips will make your job search more effective and help you work smarter than only harder. However, "easy" tips are almost as a rule, not very effective.

Challenging yourself to do the things that are difficult for you, however, necessary for an effective search will be much more fruitful and personally rewarding. Stretching yourself beyond your comfort-zone will make you more productive and give your confidence a boost.

In your job search, you need to decide if you're only willing to do the things that are comfortable for you to do, or if you're willing to do those things that will produce the results you need. Once you've made the commitment that you will stretch yourself, actually doing it isn't quite as hard.

Are you willing to connect with new people that you don't know?

Are you willing to reach out to company contacts that may not always be receptive?

Are you willing to proactively follow up on your applications rather than just sit and wait for a call?

For most people, these and many other tasks in a job search are not easy... however, tremendously fruitful if you do them.

Quit looking for "easy" and instead find and apply effective strategies that may be difficult for you, but rewarding!


It’s Not Easy!

Which Box Are You In???

Are You Doing All You Can?

Are You Ready???

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