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Don’t Rely On Your Wishful Thinking!

Although the topic has been touched on in other articles, it’s a common enough of a problem for job seekers that it deserves further attention.

When an interview process is going well… don’t slow down your other job hunting efforts!

All too common, job seekers get greatly encouraged when they are on their 2nd or 3rd job interview with an organization they like. They become convinced that this is the one, and so their drive and enthusiasm for seeking out new networking contacts, job openings, and target companies wanes. They often rationalize that it doesn’t make sense to start another process when this one is so imminent.

Unfortunately, all to often, the ‘imminent’ job offer never materializes. The reality hits that not only do they not have the job, they also have no other prospects in the works either and they have to start all over again. Only now it seems even harder after coming off of such a great disappointment. Their wishful thinking led to great discouragement.

While I certainly don’t advocate becoming a pessimist. I do encourage job seekers to have a ‘Plan B’ should it become necessary.

When my oldest son was in 7th grade, his greatest passion was baseball. He couldn’t wait for baseball season, and he played pick-up games as often as he could in the off-season. He was a pretty good pitcher, and he was convinced he could develop into a major-league player. Up to that point, he always got great grades in school… and then they began to slide. His focus was 90% on baseball, and MAYBE 10% on school.

We had a few long talks on the subject, and he loved to tell me…

“Don’t worry Dad, major league players make great money, I’m not going to need grades to get into college.”

While encouraging him to take his pitching career as far as he possibly could, I also finally convinced him that it’s always a good idea to have a ‘Plan B’. Even a successful career in baseball usually only lasts a few years. Having a college degree and other skills will give him greater opportunities to do something productive with the rest of his life. If, by some chance, he doesn’t achieve his MLB dreams, he’ll definitely be glad he has that education to rely on in its place. Pursue your dreams, but have a fall-back plan as well.

My son is now in his 20’s, married, and grateful that he got more focused on his grades and pursued an education, as his MLB career didn’t materialize as he’d once hoped.

Perhaps contrary to my story… I am a believer in being ‘all in’ when pursuing passions. However, in a job search, it’s virtually never the case that there’s only ONE right job for you. Keep pursuing as many as you can at one time to be able to have options, more opportunity, and less stress in needing to land the one job since there seems to be nothing else.

Keep the pipeline full. Keep networking, making introductions, pursuing companies, contacts, open positions, and new opportunities. If your imminent job offer materializes… terrific! If not, it’s not such a big deal because you have other opportunities in the works. Don’t rely on your wishful thinking. Keep pursuing all you can for better results.


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