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Elections and Your Job Search

The Election Season is over for 2012, and depending on your perspective you’re likely to be either pleased or discouraged by the outcome.

Now that (thankfully) all the ominous ads threatening dire consequences if the ‘other’ guy is elected, are off the air… you can start contemplating what all this means for your job search!

While it’s easy to get caught up in all the political rhetoric and ‘party line’ predictions of what will happen in the economy, the reality is that much of the economic ups-and-downs aren’t impacted greatly by who holds public office. While there certainly are things that government does that help or hinder economic growth, we live in a country where people are determined to succeed regardless of the political environment.

The biggest “job killer” is not one political economic philosophy over another. Rather, it’s uncertainty!

When companies don’t know what direction government will go; when they don’t know whether one set of policies will be implemented or another, it makes it very difficult for them to plan. When they can’t make educated decisions about the future, they wait. They wait until they get a sense of direction, and then plan accordingly.

Now that the elections are over, they have a better understanding of likely future tax policy and economic philosophy, so they can move forward. Because of greater certainty, it’s highly likely the economy will move forward and grow.

“But… but… but…” (I can hear it already)… “wouldn’t the economy have been much better off if that guy won?” or “Aren’t we on a better path now because this guy won?”

The answers are… Maybe.

No one can tell you with absolute certainty what will, or would have happened. World events, economic events, and even weather can have a huge impact on economic outcomes that no one can control. However, we do live in a country that values success and achievement, and people and companies strive for it regardless of what happens in politics. Shareholders don’t decide that they don’t care about growth in their stock portfolios any longer since one person won an election over another. Business owners don’t simply give up and close their companies down because “their guy” didn’t win. Sales people don’t quit and wait for four more years to see if they can succeed again. People and companies take whatever circumstances they have, and figure out how they can thrive.

The same principals and responsibilities apply to you in your job search!

If you now sit back and wait for a job because you’re convinced your guy will solve the unemployment problem, or if you mentally or emotionally check out of your search because you believe the future is now full of doom and gloom… you will fail.

If, however, you now kick your job search into high gear because you understand that with greater certainty companies are going to be more confident in their hiring, you will land in your new opportunity much sooner.

Now is the time to rejuvenate your job search and do all the things necessary to find your next opportunity! Be thankful that the elections are over… and that someone won so now companies can move forward accordingly!


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