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Staying On Top Of Your Job Search - III



In what is now apparently becoming a series of posts with the same theme and title… consider yet another excellent tool to help you manage the tidal wave of information you need to manage in an effective job search…


In previous "Staying On Top Of Your Job Search" articles, I pointed out other terrific tools to keep up with the multitude of contacts, opportunities, and pieces of information that you accumulate and pursue in your search. Both JibberJobber.com and 44Score.com give you outstanding resources for your process. Both are both very reasonably priced, and although they are very different from each other both in feel and in their pricing models, they are each very effective.

Fresh Transition is different in its approach and feel as well… with the added benefit of being absolutely free! I've always believed that 'Free is Good'!

In addition to the tool itself, Fresh Transition also has a cadre of writers to provide additional career search advice easily accessible on the site to help you through the process. Preparing to tailor a resume for a particular job posting? Read appropriate articles on how to do it effectively. Pretty handy.

Each site will appeal differently to different personal preferences of job seekers, so explore each one and decide what might work best for you. I believe Fresh Transition is another very worthwhile option and certainly think it's of value to mention it here!

Here is an instructional video to give you a flavor of how the site works…


Staying On Top Of Your Job Search!

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