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Are you looking for excuses or solutions?

Are you a "glass is half full" or "glass is half empty" kind of person?

Some people… whenever they hit an obstacle in their job search or in their life… they stall, and decide that the obstacle looms so large that it's unlikely they will be able to get past it. When they talk to others, they can describe the obstacle in great detail. Clearly, they have a good excuse. It's obvious why it's "impossible" to go further.

Others… may see the same obstacle, and begin exploring how they can get around it, over it, under it, or through it. They realize they have a challenge. They understand that it may take some creativity and harder work than expected, however, they are determined to find a solution. They decide they are not going to be kept from their destination by an obstacle in the road, and as a result, they often achieve the "impossible".

A phrase I use regularly… "For almost any person that gives a reason why they cannot get hired, you can find another person with the same circumstances that got a job."

I do believe that some people are naturally wired to be optimistic and solution finders while others naturally tend to be pessimists and defeatists. However, I also believe that anyone can proactively decide how they will address any circumstance that arises.

In teaching my job search skills class, I often have people that talk in great detail about all the negative things that have happened in their search. They dwell on a phone call that went poorly, and forget about others that went well. They focus on the networking meeting that was a flop, and assume they will all be that way. They have a fruitless informational interview, and decide that those kinds of meetings don't work for them. They have one person tell them that they are not being selected because of age, lack of skills, inconsistent work history, or any number of other issues, and they assume that is their ultimate fate. Each story sounds like a legitimate reason to be discouraged and defeated.

Yet others, that often have the same issues happen to them, refuse to let those individual instances define their search. They are focused on what they "know" they can do, and keep plugging away with a positive attitude. Their attitude is key to how well they do the tasks required for their search. Going through the motions with a predetermined attitude telling them they won't succeed is a waste of time. Their determination and resilience ultimately lead to results.

Chuck Swindoll has a famous saying: 
"I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% on how I react to it!"

Regardless of your natural inclinations, it's critical to decide each day that you will not focus on the excuses for not finding a job (regardless of how legitimate they seem). However, will set your mind and your actions on optimistically finding solutions to overcome the obstacles before you. Others are doing it! You can too!


Keep the faith!

No One Bats a 1000!

Are you doing all you can?

The One Best Thing You Can Do For Your Job Search

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