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Staying On Top Of Your Job Search - II

imageIn a previous article of the same title (Staying On Top Of Your Job Search), I pointed out an excellent option for keeping track of the tsunami of information you get if you're aggressively pursuing a new job. Since then, I was introduced to another option that can also be a tremendous resource for you and has a unique pricing model to boot!


There are some particular things that I like about the site that I believe make it very worthwhile considering for your search…


The toolbar. Once you register, you can install a toolbar on your browser that allows you to search for jobs online, and makes it easy to track the jobs you apply to. It knows when you've applied to a position, and gives you the option to track it in your 44Score account. You can add notes, capture the documents you included in your application, and jump to all the jobs you've saved, in a few easy clicks. It's right there for you all the time without having to jump back and forth to your account to manually enter information. It's a great time-saving tool to use… which means you're more likely to use it regularly! The more you use it, the more useful the system is for you. What a great idea!

The pricing model. I've seen a number of sites that offer some form of record keeping and automation for your job search, and many are worthwhile. However, one hang-up for many people is that those sites charge a monthly fee while a job seeker is usually least able to afford it… while they are unemployed and without an income. The unique thing about 44Score is that they have a very reasonable fee only after you get a new job! You don't pay until you have an income once again. Brilliant! Additionally, they have an exceptionally generous guarantee: If you don't like the service, they waive your fee. Period.

Check out additional information on how the site works and their pricing, then sign-up and check it out for free. If you don't like it, you don't pay… not bad!


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Donna @ RetreatIdeas said...

This pricing method is amazing! I'm really asking myself how they manage to go through with it and to finance their work, but it all makes sense. Being unemployed means you don't have that income that you need to pay monthly fee.

Daly said...

If you don't like their service, they waive your fee? That is very generous! And makes it really worth of try.

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