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You live what you believe!

imageA principle that's true in every area of your life is:

You live what you believe!

The reality is, most everyone says they believe certain things, however, their lives demonstrate something else. They may say they believe it's best to live a life with no debt, and maybe think they really mean that. However their credit cards have high balances from month-to-month with no sign of changing. They may say they believe in monogamous marriage relationships, however, allow themselves to become involved with someone other than their spouse. They may say they believe in living a life of integrity. However, their actions point to something else.

Similarly, someone may say they believe networking is a critical piece of an effective job search. However, they make little or no effort to do it. Why is that?

The evidence is readily available… each year studies are done by CareerXRoads, and others that show that, by far the number one source of hires is Referrals and other forms of Networking! Yet the evidence doesn't convince a majority of job seekers to spend time networking instead of sitting in front of a computer perusing postings online.

In so many instances, they actually believe that… "it might work for others, but my situation is different"… and so they don't do it. People live what they actually believe. In my 25 years of recruiting, and nearly 10 years of job search coaching, I have yet to see a single case where networking is not likely to be beneficial in someone's job search.

Reaching out, connecting, asking for referrals, and following the trail of one connection to another, to another always add great value to the job search process. Even when it doesn't produce the job, the process increases your knowledge of the market and other opportunities, it improves your communication and interview skills for when you are in front of a real hiring manager, and has many additional benefits as well.

When someone finally really believes that networking will be the difference maker in their search, they determine to over come their fears and objections and get to it. I've seen it over and over again.

So what do you really believe? Do you see the value in your own circumstances and believe it will make a difference? If so, get to it! Live what you believe!


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