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Wordle your resume!


Most people, at some point, have seen a word cloud. It's a combination of words, randomly arranged, that are meant to represent an idea or some piece of writing.

Wordle (www.wordle.net) is a free online tool that will create a word cloud from any document, internet feed, or words entered into their form. The greater the number of times, or more prominently, a word appears in the document, the larger the the size of the word in the cloud.

It's an interesting way to display what's been most emphasized.

A couple of years ago, my kids each wrote what they liked best about their mother for Mother's Day, and uploaded it all to create a Wordle. It created a beautiful montage of the things that meant the most to them, and was a hit when my wife got it from them that day.

It can also be a creative way to see what really jumps out of your resume, rather than what you think it says. You may be surprised!

The words that appear most often and most prominently in your resume are the ones that are likely to make the biggest impression to the reader. Are they words that you intended to convey? Or are they words that distract or paint a skewed picture of who you are?

Additionally, as you may have often heard, it's best to tailor your resume for each position you apply to, in order to include as many relevant keywords for that particular position. It helps you get noticed more easily and certainly more likely to be picked up by keyword searches online or in their Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

If you Wordle your resume, and then compare it to the job description you are applying for… do the primary requirements show up as larger words in your word cloud? Your chances of being selected rise dramatically if they do!

While the process isn't perfect, it can certainly give you insight into your resume that you may not otherwise have seen. Wordle your resume and see what you get!


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Rebecca said...

Harry, I love this very creative idea.

I think one of the biggest benefits is to find out what your cover letter and resume really says... and then evaluate two things:
-Is this what you want it to say? Is it the story you want to tell?
-Is it employer focused? Or is it about what you want?

Do you think its worth repeating "high value" keywords in a resume? Or to keep word choice more varied?


Susan Ireland said...

What a fun way to approach to checking that you have the right keywords emphasized in your resume. I love it!

Angie Tinnell said...

Hi Harry - Great article! Wordle is great for your resume. I also recommend using it to identify keywords and buzzwords in job leads so that you can adjust your cover letter and resume accordingly!

Anonymous said...

Great! Need to compare your resume to a particular job post? See steps below:


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