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Why should I hire YOU?

imageWhen an employer is interviewing you for a job, the question they usually don't ask, but want you to answer most is… "Why should I hire YOU?"

If you can't answer that question to their satisfaction… you simply won't get the job. Think about what the employer likely has running through their mind during the interview, and address those concerns for them, whether the questions get answered directly, or not!

They may be thinking things like…

  • We posted the job description and got over 400 applicants.
  • We picked 8 that appear to have experience that prepares them well to do this job.
  • There are sharp people in this group. As one of those 8, would this person be the best hire?
  • Can they do the job better than the others?
  • Do they bring something the others don't?
  • Do they add skills that we don't currently have?
  • How well would they fit in with the team?
  • Would they help raise the team's productivity, morale, and effectiveness… or bring it down?
  • How well can they represent us to other areas of the company, or to our customers?
  • In 6 months, will I be glad I hired this person, or regret a mistake?
  • Would my boss congratulate me on a great hire, or question why I would hire this person?
  • Would I enjoy working with this person each day?
  • Can I trust them?

Answering these non-verbal questions are your most important task in the job interview!

Here are some things to do that may help…

  • Know yourself! Know your strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, and interests
  • Present yourself professionally. It builds confidence and trust
  • Be prepared. Solid, concise answers express competence
  • Smile, and be warm and friendly! No one enjoys working with a grouch
  • Succinctly give examples of your successes
  • Succinctly give examples of your teamwork
  • Succinctly give examples of challenges you've faced
  • Succinctly give examples of prior career growth
  • Don't ramble or talk too much!
  • Be sure to point out additional relevant skills that may be uniquely yours
  • Be prepared to discuss prior performance reviews
  • Ask questions
  • Show professional enthusiasm for what you do
  • Ask them if they have any concerns over your fit for the position

The stated questions are often only a part of the ultimate question they have… Why should they hire you over the other candidates they are considering. The more you can address that for them, the greater your chance at an offer!


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diesel mechanic said...

Yeah! I think this is the most dangerous questions in interview. Thanks for the tips.

Sarah Mitchell said...

I think you've raised a good point in this article. Frequently job seekers are very focused on what they want to say about themselves. Giving some consideration to what the hiring manager is thinking is just as important. By doing so, you set yourself apart in ways listing all your many accomplishments couldn't.

Thank you for the insight.

Pari said...

There are many reasons that will prove why should you hire me. I am hard working that is why i am sitting in front of u after passing many rounds. Apart from this, dedication towards my work and ability to work in team work as i have made different projects with different teams you can look in my resume .You can also add up flexibility to cope with changing environment but try to give real life examples where you have used your strength, It shows that in practical you r doing that. Next you can say that As a fresher i do not have any experience but i will prove once the opportunity comes. For more interview tips follow http://catchupdates.com/top-10-basic-interview-tips-for-freshers/ i too have followed that which really helped me to get job :)

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