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Need Interview Practice? This Can Help!

Job search coaches (me included) will often encourage job seekers to practice, practice, practice when it comes to preparing for interviews. The more you know the answers you want to give, and can articulate them well, the better your interview results will be.

Practicing is sometimes difficult though… where and how can be an obstacle. It's not always easy to ask someone to practice with you, and using their time while you revise and hone your answers can be imposing. So recording can be a solution!

While you could simply use a recorder on your own… something that audibly asks you questions, records and lets you re-record your answers, gives you tips, and allows you to send your finished product to others… including a potential employer, could be a tremendous help.

I was recently introduced to just that. If you have an iPhone, "Audio Job Interview" seems to be a terrific app that enables you to do all those things and more.

It's primarily marketed on their website to employers and recruiters as a way to do initial screening of applicants. However, it's also a great tool that can be used by job seekers to hone their own interview skills and market themselves proactively as a way to stand out from the crowd. You can find a brief video demonstration of how it can work here. Then download it in the iTunes App Store.

I don't get any compensation from the developers (although would certainly be open to it!). I simply think it's a great idea and can be a great tool for people trying to improve their skills.

Being a Droid user rather than an iPhone owner, I hope that they are working on an Android version of the application as well!

Congratulations to the developers for designing a great product, and check it out as a way to help make your interviews more successful!


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Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a Windows Phone 7 app myself! :) I'm sure the BlackBerry peeps would want some job hunting love their way too.

diesel mechanic said...

I never know about this audio job interview. I'll definitely try this application

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