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Whose Responsibility Is It?

image"If it's to be, it's up to me!"

That's a line most of us have heard expressed many times in our lives. It has shaped much of the thinking in this country. While we certainly always should seek and value great personal and business relationships, ultimately it's up to me whether I reach my goals or not.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with what I perceive to be a growing number of job seekers in this country. So many people I talk to are waiting on circumstances to change or someone else to do something before they think they can land a new job.


They are waiting for…

  • The economy to improve
  • Their last company to start re-hiring
  • The government to provide re-training
  • The right company to find their resume on a job board
  • A recruiter to find them on LinkedIn
  • A company to call them back after they applied to a job online
  • or worse… For their unemployment checks to run out
    (I'm always surprised at how quickly many people find jobs after their Unemployment Benefits expire)

There's no question that it's more difficult in the current job market than it has been at other times. And although most of these factors can make it easier for people to land a new job, in the end, it's up to each individual to do all they can to get to the finish line themselves.

Relying on external circumstances leaves them as victims, feeling like they have no control over their circumstances. But they DO have control! MANY people are doing it every day. People do land jobs, even in industries and cities where there "are no jobs", and the biggest hurdle for them to overcome to get one is taking personal responsibility.

Once someone decides that they are the only one that will get it done, then they work harder, get more creative, and learn and apply what's necessary to reach their goal. As long as they really believe something externally has to change first, people typically just go through the motions without any real drive or effort. They don't exert themselves because they believe it's only futile anyway.

There is plenty of excellent free advice on this blog, and many other online resources about how to conduct a Wise and effective job search. If you've been thinking that your job search is out of your control, change your thinking! Then learn what you need to, and be more proactive in your search!

  • Talk to live people rather than relying on email and the internet
  • Make a call rather than wait for a call
  • Pursue new contacts rather than responding to job postings
  • Ask for networking referrals and leads rather than waiting for introductions
  • Follow up after meetings and interviews rather than waiting for them to respond

Don't wait for things to change… take control of your job search and you will get better results!


I can't get a job because…

The ONE best thing you can do for your job search!

No one bats a 1000!

Can you get a new job in 2 weeks???


Lisa (@lablady) said...

Harry - Excellent advice! Being proactive in your job search is key. The post-and-wait attitude doesn't work, so I always encourage a take-charge attitude. :) Back to the "old school" methods of pounding the pavement, making face-to-face contacts, initiating phone calls is definitely the most effective way to land a job and better your life! ~Lisa

Harry said...

You're right Lisa! The necessity to take personal responsibility and be proactive is not just for a job search. It makes each of us more effective in every area of our lives.

I appreciate your comments!


Diary of a fatman said...

Awesome article, Harry. It really cuts to the heart of the matter. Nothing will change without proper action being taken. the choice is ours.

Harry said...

The choice is ours, we all forget that sometimes. This article is a personal reminder for me in my work as much as anything else.

Thanks for the additional points!


black beard said...

Thank you very much Mr. Harry, it really inspiring my mind. Your article really fits my situation and I really thankfull to you for sharing this great inspiration. Hope for the best for us!

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