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It’s a Networking Time of Year!


Christmas time is wonderful! Time to reflect, enjoy the hustle & bustle, take in the decorations and lights… and especially if you’re in a job search… to Network!

Too often, I hear people say that with Christmas coming up there’s not much going on in their job search so they’re going to put it aside for a few weeks and enjoy the holidays. Not smart!

The holiday season is a great time to pursue your job search with new energy.  Here are some reasons why and some ‘How To’s”:


  • There’s no better time of year to connect with family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. It’s expected! Everyone connects wishing each other a Merry Christmas.
    The next question invariably is…
    “How are you?” 
    A good answer is…
    “Pretty good, however, I’m looking for a new job, and always looking for new networking connections.”
    To which a few will reply…
    ”What kind of job are you looking for?
    And you respond with a 15 to 30 second…
    Elevator Speech
    To which some will reply with…
    ”You ought to talk to _______!”

  • The last few weeks of the year are often a great time to ramp up your job search efforts. A majority of companies’ fiscal years end with the calendar year. In many of those companies, hiring managers that have an approved requisition to hire additional staff have to fill that role by the end of the year or risk having to get the position re-approved. They are motivated to get an offer out!

    At the same time, many job seekers decide to put their search on hold until after the New Year. For those that still pursue positions, they are now going after openings while facing less competition! Don’t ease up, but rather ‘put the pedal to the metal’ in your search, and MOST jobs are filled through networking!

  • Holiday parties can be a Networking Bonanza!  How often do you otherwise get opportunities to get face-to-face with so many potential contacts for leads? Attend as many as you get invited to, and seek out parties often held this time of year by professional associations, business networking groups, or kids sports teams.Your objective with each contact, is to gain more contacts. Don’t ask directly if they know of job openings and don’t mentally exclude anyone as being a worthwhile contact. You never know where your best leads will come from. Read “Who Does Your Grandma Know?” for additional help.

Christmas time is a magical time of year… and it can be for your job search as well, as long as you take advantage of the opportunities before you!

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Debra Feldman, the JobWhiz said...

Holiday networking is not limited to in person events anymore. Learn how to maximize seasonal connections using social networking sites like LinkedIn & penetrate the unadvertised or hidden job market.
Holiday Social Networking Leads to the Hidden Job Market
By Debra Feldman, JobWhiz, Executive Talent Agent

Traditionally, the holiday season is the most active networking time of year. The explosion of social media has dramatically impacted how we network year-round. Take the opportunity now to expand your connections using the variety of social networking platforms which enable you to keep up with your existing contacts and establish new relationships.

The mushrooming use of social networking means that even the “logistically-challenged” can’t excuse themselves from networking purposefully and establishing new strategic relationships at this time of year. In fact, the growing adoption of social media means that business professionals expect colleagues to be accessible via social networking sites.

While no one walks around with a sign announcing they are a prime connection to unadvertised positions or hidden job market opportunities, online research makes it convenient to identify individuals as potentially lucrative contacts based on their published affiliations. Employees, former employees, vendors, consultants, advisers, customers, etc. of companies on your target employer list can share leads to a new job before such openings are made official. Recommendations and referrals from your connections differentiate you, build trust, and provide a competitive advantage in a crowd of qualified candidates.
Social media has made year round connecting possible 24/7/365 and affordable. Give generously to connections and simultaneously promote yourself to prospective employers by responding to broadcast and personal help requests. These are great online opportunities to showcase your unique talent, skills, experience, knowledge, and accomplishments to those apt to refer you to new challenges. Holiday networking delivers leads to new career opportunities and a bonus, future “career insurance” or ongoing leads. Connections provide insider news, industry developments, and requests for assistance that keep you informed about potential positions and involve you at the beginning of the employer’s recruiting process.

During the holidays, there are many occasions to interact with family, friends, colleagues, and business contacts know about unadvertised jobs. The proliferation of virtual communities and electronic communications provides continuous contact, online visibility and inexpensive multimedia interactions through email, direct messages, IM’s, video chat, video sharing, discussion forums, blogging, blog comments, photo uploads, etc. It’s a natural time to initiate a new contact or to revive lapsed connections; conversations flow easily around familiar subjects like family celebrations and travel plans. People are more receptive to casual discussions with distant contacts and renewing old ties during holiday-related conversations. Follow up early in the New Year to have a more in depth exchange and explore mutual interests.
© 2009 Debra Feldman
Debra Feldman is the JobWhiz™ who designs and personally implements swift, strategic, and customized senior level executive job search campaigns banishing barriers that prevent immediate success. Compress your job search into mere weeks, using groundbreaking techniques profiled in Forbes magazine Contact DebraFeldman@JobWhiz.com to expedite your job search.

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