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5 LinkedIn Resources for Your Job Search!


LinkedIn is THE game changer for a contemporary job search!
Think that’s an overstatement? Think again.
Never before have job seekers so easily been able find companies in their field; find contacts in those organizations; be found by recruiters and hiring managers; and prepare for interviews with company information and information on the person they are meeting. Never before has this much key information for a job seeker been this easy to access.
Yet, only a small percentage of job hunters seem to take advantage of what’s available to them!
Here are 5 resources to help make your search more productive:


The LinkedIn site itself offers great help for getting started as well as specific help for job seekers. They offer online guides as well as free webinars.
Check out:
~ New User Starter Guide
~ Learning Center for Job Seekers
~ LinkedIn 101 – The Basics of LinkedIn Webinar
~ Job Seekers – Tips for using your LinkedIn Account Webinar

Want a broad overview of what a job seeker ought to do with LinkedIn?
The Internet Job Search Super Tool!

Prefer to get all your information from a book?
Do it with Jason Alba’s:
I'm on LinkedIn--Now What??? (Second Edition) and follow his related blog at: www.imonlinkedinnowwhat.com

Not very many connections on LinkedIn yet to get enough meaningful results from your searches?
Check out:
Not enough connections to make LinkedIn useful?  No Problem!!!

Prefer to learn by video?
There are a number of great tutorials on YouTube!
Start with How to Find a Job Using LinkedIn
Then search for many others including these.

Certainly there are other great resources available as well.  However, these are a great place to start to make sure you’re using one of the greatest tools ever for a job search to it’s greatest potential!

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