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5 Great Interview Prep Resources Online!


Have a job interview coming up? Preparation is key in order to stand out from the others that may be interviewing for the same position. You can think through your own career to prepare, but additional expert help never hurts.

Here are 5 excellent online resources to help you think through what may be coming, and how best to prepare:




Alison Doyle writes volumes of great Job Search advice on About.com. She has excellent help with: Interview Questions and Answers



Liz Ryan writes an excellent piece on what to avoid in: 10 Ways to Ruin a Job Interview



Susan Joyce, on her excellent site: Job-Hunt.org has compiled excellent information in her section titled: Guide to Successful Job Interviews 


Don Varney on eHow has a highly effective video series on interviews at: How to Prepare for a Job Interview



Monster’s UK site has a video with excellent advice called: Classic Job Interview Questions. Don’t let the British accent throw you… the advice is just as valid on ‘this side of the pond’!


I would certainly be remiss if I didn’t recommend you also check out these posts on Interviews right here on The Wise Job Search.

It can’t be said often enough: “The key to a successful interview is preparation!”
Know what to expect, and know how to answer. If you do, you’ll have far greater success!


Spell it out!
Great interviews are a dialog!
Preparing to Succeed
Rapport and Results


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