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The Tyranny of the Urgent!

Image result for tyranny I’ve been away from adding new content to this blog the last couple of weeks, not because I’m running dry, but because a number of other things kept me busy. I let other things keep me from taking the time to write. They were not more important things, although they seemed like it at the time.

So it is, too often, in a job search! It is so easy to allow ‘busy-ness’ get in the way of getting down to business!

“The Tyranny of the Urgent” obstructs us from doing what’s important.

In a job search, there are dozens of things that keep us from doing the necessary tasks for our search. Tasks that may be outside of our comfort zones and easy to procrastinate.

~ You may choose to trim the hedge in the front yard rather than create a list of contacts

~ You might paint a bedroom rather than dedicate an hour to follow-up calls

~ You might chat with your best friend over coffee rather than customize your resume for a particular position you’d like to apply for

~ You could finish that hobby project rather than attend a new networking function

…and the list goes on!

None of those other tasks are bad in and of themselves, and you should make time for them. However, for many of us, they seem much more important to do right when we should probably be doing something else. Then the ‘prime time’ for doing the necessary tasks has slipped away. Painting the bedroom can probably wait until the evening or weekend, but the follow-up calls can only be done during business hours.

If your job search is taking longer than you hoped, or it seems you are not making progress lately, take a look at how you are spending your time vs. how you ought to be spending your time. Whether it’s in your job search or any other aspect of your life, the proper focus will help you achieve much more, more quickly!


Anonymous said...

Ive found the best way to beat this is use the power of small! bReak your to do list down into minitasks that can actually be accomplished in each day.

Jeff Lipschultz said...

Sometimes the best way to "maintain focus" is to set a goal and build an action plan around it. I recently wrote about goal setting in cycling, but it applies to life "out of the saddle," too. See if you agree: http://twurl.nl/ihl3ht

Jeff (a.k.a, The Bike Whisperer)

Donna said...

Hi Harry,

I'm laughing over this post. I know that if I have a sudden and urgent need to clean my refrigerator then I REALLY don't want to do whatever else is on my list.

If someone in job search mode finds this happening, it's a good heads up to recognize and investigate what is causing their resistance to engaging in looking for a job. There is, doubtless, good information to be found.



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