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Mother’s Day and Your Job Search!

image This Sunday is Mother’s Day! What in the world does that have to do with your job search?

A LOT… maybe. It may depend on what you do with it. You may be trying to leave your current job right now and are looking for a new one, or you may be unemployed and looking for a new position. For most people that’s a stressful time and that stress often comes out in less than ideal ways. How are you treating the people important to you?

Maybe you’re neglecting, or acting out toward your mother, or the mother of your children. Strained personal relationships add to your job search stress and that often comes out in how you present yourself to others. Mother’s Day can be a day to make sure your relationships are on track!

Make sure the mothers in your life know how you appreciate them. I know I appreciate mine!

I have been incredibly blessed to be married to an exceptional wife and mother. I’m sure there are other wives out there that evoke the same levels of love, admiration, and respect from their husbands, but I don’t know who.

We homeschool our kids. Really, my wife does while I try to earn a living and pay some bills. Day after day she is a:

  • Master Teacher
  • Solomon-like Referee
  • Biblical Mentor
  • Gentle Attitude Coach
  • Gifted Counselor
  • Understanding Supervisor
  • Exceptional Housekeeper
  • and 5-Star Chef

Additionally, to me she is:

  • A Most Trusted Confidant
  • Most cherished friend
  • The one who replenishes my confidence
  • A fount of encouragement
  • The joy of my available time
  • My prayer partner
  • The beauty of our home
  • and the object of my greatest desires

Particularly over the last year, I have fully come to appreciate that I cannot become who I want to be, without her being who she is.

I completely understand that many people do not have a relationship in their lives as supporting to them as mine has been. I’ve been extraordinarily blessed. However, I also know that most of the relationships in our lives can be improved if we take the 1st, and maybe 2nd, and maybe 3rd steps to improve them.

I’ve learned that whether it’s an employment relationship, marriage, or friendship there are always two sides to every story.

See your story through your wife’s, mother’s, or other strained relationship’s eyes this weekend and take those first steps. The benefits to your life… and maybe for your job search can be tremendous!

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