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Five Best Ways to Use Twitter for Your Job Search!


Twitter can be a tremendous, fast moving tool in your Job Search Toolbox. Here are 5 ways to get the most out of it.

1. Follow and read job search experts. The amount of excellent ideas, tips, leads, news, informative articles, and best practices going by all day long is amazing. Find excellent people to follow. You’ll find outstanding advice that applies to your situation… guaranteed.

2. Search for posted positions. Use Twitter’s search function to look for #jobs, to find a wealth of open positions that aren’t necessarily posted on job boards or company sites. Also search #splits for positions that recruiters use to split open searches with other recruiters. New positions are posted with excellent companies, large and small, every minute of every day. Get them in real time, early, and often.

3. Follow and read people in your field or industry. Industry chatter is incredible. News items, rumors, and trends get discussed daily. You can become much better versed in your field by ‘listening’. It can provide you with new and valuable information that can make you a better candidate in the interview process.

4. Engage! Get in conversations with people. Ask questions, offer help, ReTweet (re-post) good information you see. Make sure to proofread everything you Tweet, and keep everything professional. Offering opinions about politics (unless you’re looking for a job in politics), or talking about your weekend at the bar will alienate half the people you want to connect to. Don’t sound discouraged or be a spreader of bad news. Keep your conversations focused on your area of expertise, or job search topics, and keep them positive.

5. Connect with people at your target companies. Many companies have an official presence on Twitter and post positions. There are also obviously many people on Twitter on their own that work at companies you many have an interest in. Professionally, ask questions, ask for referrals, offer information, and seek advice.

The reputation you build on Twitter, just like the image you create on any other site will either help or hurt your chances of finding the right position. Be positive, be professional, be helpful, be inquisitive, be engaging, be honest, and have fun!

Consistency is important. If you only Tweet once or twice per day, it won’t be enough for anyone to get to know you. Manage your time carefully, but do spend some time to build credibility and relationships. There are few places online where you can find so much information and develop so many contacts 24/7!

Use Twitter for your job search… it’s unlike anything else!


Career Rocketeer said...

I compiled two lists that compliment this well.

1) Where to Find Your Job on Twitter - the guide to and list of all the companies, job sites and career resources that you should be following on Twitter to find your job -

2) 150+ Experts on Twitter ALL Job Seekers MUST Follow - the ultimate, definitive list of who you should be following on Twitter, including authors and bloggers of and coaches and experts in personal branding and marketing, career and job searching, networking, social media, resume writing and more - http://www.careerrocketeer.com/2009/05/150-experts-on-twitter-all-job-seekers.html

Audrey Chernoff said...

Hi, This is a great post and I too, wrote a post about using twitter to speed up your job search. http://www.hcrgroup.net/blog/http:/www.hcrgroup.net/blog/some-ways-to-use-twitter-to-speed-up-your-job-search I blog on social networking tips for job seekers and post active jobs on my blog, too. I am always looking for guest bloggers, so I hope you will take a look.
I hope in this economy that we will all work together and help each other find employment.

Lisa (lablady) said...

Great advice. Lots of common sense. It's all about positive and, hence, effective networking. Will RT this article. Thks!

Jeremy Worthington said...

This advice is invaluable...I teach students in job search school exactly this...While we shouldn't forget the traditional methods of job seeking, embracing new techniques will play an instrumental role in success.

Anonymous said...

You may want to check out tweetmyjobs.com as well. 6700 job channels, free resume tweeting, great service!

Natalie said...

Social networking sites like twitter is such a great media for job seekers. But let us remember to build relationship first prior to seeking assistance from people we've just had connection with. Just a reminder though, be careful of the personal information we post online, since sites like this are very much available to public.

Natalie said...

I forgot to mention facebook and youtube under social media. They are also one of the most famous social media today.

Natalie Loopbaanadvies

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