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Can You Get a Job Online?

[image[8].png]Can you get a job online? No. 

Short, quick answer, huh? 

I’m sure someone will respond to me to tell me how they actually did, but I can tell you that they would be the infinitesimal exception rather than the rule.

So is it worth looking for a job online?  Absolutely!

There are a tremendous number of online resources that are invaluable in your job search.  I’m a huge proponent of being online for your job search, and have written about some of those resources in: 10 ‘Must Use’ Websites For Your Job Search!!!, Twitter For A Job Search… Really? and The Internet Job Search Super Tool!

However, all of those tools only provide opportunities to gather information and possibly connect initially.  None of them will get you a job offer!  In order to get an offer, you actually have to talk to someone!

Now most of you may be saying “DUH! Of course you have to talk to someone.”  However, I can tell you through my experience in working with hundreds of job seekers that their time each day is overwhelmingly focused online. 

The internet is a blessing and a curse at the same time.  It’s a blessing because of the wealth of information that can be found.  And it’s also a curse because of the overwhelming amount of information that can be found and the time that it can suck away from your day.  If you’re spending hours per day in front of the computer for your job search, you are not being very effective at getting closer to your next job.  Ouch… I know that hits a sore spot with many of you.  Sorry, but it’s true.

Most people spend an inordinate amount of time online because it’s less intimidating to them than actually having to pick up the phone and call someone or go out to meet someone.   However, a phone conversation or a meeting will be infinitely more effective than just sending an email.  90% of the other candidates are emailing a resume and waiting for a call.  Most of the people that got an interview… called.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and many other sites can be great places to find a contact name.  However, it’s critical at that point to get on the phone and call that person.  Preparation is important, and there are also great online resources to help you with that call including “I’ve Got a Contact Name. Now What?”.  But if you’re not making an effort to connect with people verbally or face-to-face, it’s virtually impossible to stand out from the vast majority of other ‘also ran’ candidates.

Calling people, asking for referrals of others to network with, going to networking meetings, setting up networking interviews, and connecting with as many people as you can in the REAL world, not just virtually, is the thing that will make you much more effective in your search.

In order to spend more time actually ‘interfacing’ with other people, you have to schedule your time effectively.  Block out computer time during your week, be deliberate in what you do during that time, and get off the computer and on the phone when your allotted time is up!

The reality is, the more people you actually talk to… the higher likelihood you will have of finding a new job quickly.  So get on the phone!


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FreeRangeHuman said...

Well said! I always tell my clients - online tools are great initial resources, but that perfect job isn't waiting for you in a click-and-hire way.

Thanks for a good post.

cvsocial said...

This is a great article. The web should be used to find contacts, but the follow up should be done in person/on the phone.

Unknown said...

Another great post. I must admit that my biggest mistake was spending too much time online instead of being on the phone. Once I made the changes. I quickly got a job.

Dennis M said...

I would have to disagree with to a certain extent, case in point. I have gone out to do a face to face with companies that I knew where hiring. Only to be told I needed to go back home and ether submit my resume via email or to fill out their app on their website and they would contact me if interested.

They would not only not talk with me, but would not even take my resume from me. I am standing right there with resume in hand, but they refused to take it, said it must be emailed in.

And I am not alone, know many who have had the same experience. In the real world I have had a different experience. It seams No company wants to see you or talk to you. All contact must come via electronic format, website or email.

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