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Twitter For a Job Search... REALLY?!?

Can Twitter really be effective for a Job Search? It’s fun, it’s interesting, but not much really gets accomplished there… does it?

There are millions (?) of people on Twitter that have a desire to tell you that they are getting a cup of coffee; going grocery shopping; tired of a certain commercial; going to a meeting; or any other mundane thing you can think of. Reading all their “tweets” MIGHT be interesting to you, but won’t do much to help you find a job. Adding similar mundane tweets may make you feel like your every action is important for others to know, but will probably hinder your ability to find a job.
So what good is Twitter?

There are a few things you must do to make it worthwhile:

  • Create a bio on your profile page that’s professional, makes it clear you’re looking for a job, what kind of job you’re looking for, and is compelling. Choosing great wording and a professional picture are important here.

  • Follow, and get followed by people that can help you (more on that later)

  • Download and use an application that makes it easy to group your tweets by groups so you can keep track better; like TweetDeck

  • Engage with others… professionally!

  • Watch job posting profiles and do searches!

It’s very important who you follow and who follows you! To start, find a couple hundred people that may be of help to you. Most of the time, they will follow back. Then use all the resources available to you:

  • www.twellow.com is a terrific directory to help you find people by title, industry, or function. If you’re in IT, follow CTO’s, CIO’s, other IT professionals, and IT recruiters. If you’re an Accountant, follow CFO’s, Controllers, other accountants. Get it? Use the “TwellowHood” function to find people locally

  • Use Twitter Advanced Search to find Tweets that matter

  • Hashtags (#) are used to help you find things easier; for example you can search: #jobs or #jobadvice

  • #splits is used between recruiters to get help filling a job; those are potential jobs you might fit. Search #splits and engage with the recruiter that posted it.

  • Search for titles of jobs you are pursuing

  • Search for company names you’re pursuing; those people are potential contacts; engage.

  • Look at the Home Page Tweets of profiles like @JobAngels and many others that will arise when you search #jobs

  • Everything you tweet creates either a positive, professional impression of you, or a negative one. Engage with others, add value, be generous in passing on leads and ideas to others, and you will get help in response.

  • Send messages directly to people you have a question for rather than to the whole Twitter universe, you’ll be more likely to get a reply.

  • Send messages directly to any recruiters, or others that you find through the #jobs search, and to each of the people you’re following.

  • There is a great wealth of job hunting advice, tips, leads, and links to other resources posted constantly. Find career related tweeters and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

Now, guess what… even with all this… YOU WON’T GET A JOB ON TWITTER!
You may say “Huh? I thought that’s what this is all about?”

Twitter, just like any online resource is terrific for finding information, ideas, and contacts to help you tremendously. However to get a job… you MUST talk with people; tweets alone won’t do it.

Now go find the contacts, and then pick up the phone!


Thank you for visiting The Wise Job Search. I truly appreciate your interest. If you like the material here and would like to help keep it viable, please peruse and visit book recommendations, and other resources posted throughout the site. Best wishes on your continued search, and feedback is always welcome!


Unknown said...

Thanks Harry - this is just what I need to use Twitter more effectively in my job search!

Michael Long (The Red Recruiter) said...


First off... thank you for contributing to this conversation about how Twitter can be used to find a position. I must say, your above article gives a number of very valuable tips for any job seeker that may need to identify employment.

With that said, I would like to address this comment:

"Adding similar mundane tweets may make you feel like your every action is important for others to know, but will probably hinder your ability to find a job."

I do realize that two distinct schools of thought exist on the issue of professionalism vs. transparency. As in all professional dealings there are particular lines that are best not crossed. With that said, as with interactions in "real life," I find it important that people Tweet their "mundane" activities. While my opinion could be dissected a hundred different ways, my real reason has to do with your final point. Twitter allows you to get to know people, not just source them. How we network and come in to contact with people in the real world has everything to do with the small things that make us who we are.

Again, I do realize that there is another school of thought on this... and I do respect their choices. However, I am 100% sure that I would not have made the great connections I have on Twitter if not for letting go and being myself… the “mundane me” included.

Thanks so much for this great guide! I'm sure that people will find a lot of value in your tips!

Looking forward,
Michael Long
The Red Recruiter

Harry said...

Thanks for the comment Michael!

I completely agree with you that a certain amount of transparency is important, as is having people get to know you online.

I was primarily referring to tweets people often make that add no value and don't do anything to really build relationships... like "getting a cup of coffee."

I think those kinds of tweets trivialize the professional image that you want to project to potential employers or recruiters.

I appreciate your feedback! Hope to see you here often!

Harry Urschel

The Red Recruiter said...


You, again, make an important point. How trivial or "mundane" is crossing the line? It's a great question that I think we are all in the process of trying to answer.

Thanks again for your instructive post! I will Tweet this out for people to see ;-)

Looking forward,
Michael Long
The Red Recruiter

bob said...

The question seems to revolve around the concept of what is trivial vs substantive. Are we talking about opening the window of our professional expertise, experiencs, or our personality? Or all of the above? As a recruiter/consultant it tells me a lot about the person when reviewing what they choose or not to share.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog, Harry! I began exploring Twitter half a year ago & my understanding skyrocketed with adoption of TweetDeck.

People always want to over-complicated social media. It isn't that complicated: it's about relationships!

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