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Standing Out In The Crowd!

In your job search it’s critical to stand out from the sea of other applicants, but how do you do that in a way that attracts an employer rather than putting them off? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts!


  • Actually call and talk to someone in the organization (puts you ahead of 90% of applicants)
  • Dig for possible contacts you have that might make an introduction for you
  • Present a resume showing previous accomplishments and specifics of what you can do
  • Present a resume tailored for the position, emphasizing the most relevant skills and experience
  • Send your resume directly to an actual person rather than a general email or online system
  • Send your resume by FedEx Letter directly to the hiring manager
  • Be professional, respectful, cheerful, concise and well-prepared in every contact
  • Send a Thank You email / note after EVERY contact
  • Make it easy for them to see how your experience clearly fills their need
  • Connect with multiple contacts in the same company, especially outside of HR
  • Prepare and use scripts for each call to be better prepared
  • Know about the company before any contact and have insightful questions prepared
  • Pursue companies that interest you whether they have an opening posted or not
  • Be confident, but humble about your experience
  • Be Pleasantly Persistent (sales are rarely made on a first call)


  • Send in your resume, or apply on-line and wait for a call
  • Use self-descriptives in your resume (i.e. hard working, dynamic, articulate)
  • Use colored, scented, or oddly shaped paper, or artistic fonts for your resume (except for artistic positions)
  • Send your resume by singing telegram
  • Do anything involving sky-writers, billboards, or animals
  • ‘Wing It’ in calls, interviews, and follow ups
  • Be cute or comical to get attention (and don’t tell jokes)
  • Rely only on the HR person to handle your exposure in the organization
  • Call anyone without an agenda
  • Be arrogant or cocky about your experience (“I’m a perfect fit”)
  • Be pushy, or a ‘Stalker’

Most people don’t go beyond submitting a resume online or by mail. By taking further steps than most people you will stand out and have far greater success!


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Anonymous said...

Harry, excellent do and don't lists: I particularly liked the emphasis on multiple points of non-HR contact. So many people seem to think that they should only be chatting with HR.

SusanWhitcomb said...

And I love the #1 Don't! Wish more jobseekers would "get" that! :/

Unknown said...

My favorite: "Be professional, respectful, cheerful, concise and well-prepared in every contact"
It is critical that job seekers BE their BRAND throughout their job search. Great list, Harry!

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