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A Job Hunt is SALES! YIKES!!!

Not only is looking for a job, a full time job in itself… it’s a SALES position!

Now, if your profession is in Sales anyway, this is not earth shattering news to you and you’re likely to be approaching it that way.

If, however, you’re not a Sales person, this may be very bad news to you… you may be saying:
  • I’m not a Sales Person type
  • I don’t like Sales
  • I’m not pushy enough
  • I’m not aggressive enough
  • I’m too honest
  • I don’t have a plaid jacket / I’m not “Herb Tarlek"
    -------- (you may need to be over 35 to get that one)
Most of the time these perceptions of sales are because of stereotypes or bad experiences. Those are characteristics of a poor Sales person.

First check out what sales actually is:
Sales is the process of presenting the VALUE of an item or service to fill a want or need.
Sales is not making someone buy something they don’t want or need. No one will hire you if you don’t fit their wants or needs for a position or the company.

What are their wants and needs?
• Expertise / Knowledge / Skill / Competence
• Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, Reliability
• Passion and Enthusiasm
• Someone that WANTS the job
• Likeability
• Good Communication Skills

Your job as a job seeker is to present your fit and value to as many people as you can that have an appropriate need or want for your experience, skills, and abilities.

In order to do that, you have to:
  • Prospect (network, check ads, dig for appropriate leads)
  • Market (get introductions, send information, make phone calls, build relationships)
  • Do a “demo” (phone screens, interviews, company visits)
  • Close the sale (show interest and enthusiasm, ask for next steps, ask for the job)
  • Service the client (DO YOUR JOB WELL!)
A few points:
  • A resume won’t get you a job, it helps get you an interview
  • A resume alone won’t get you an interview
    ---------- in most cases you have to proactively call and talk to someone
  • If you’re not actually talking to people, you will not get a job
  • If you only do the same thing all other job hunters do, you will not stand out or get noticed
  • Use scripts for your phone calls
  • Be “Pleasantly Persistent”
  • Sales are rarely closed on the 1st call
    ----------- if you didn’t get an interview the first time, try and try again
  • Be prepared for your “demo”
    ---------- Practice interview questions to show your value for THEIR requirements
  • Be passionate and enthusiastic about what you offer
  • Don’t forget, it’s about them… not about you. Show how you can fill their needs
For most job seekers, gaining a sales mindset is the best thing you can do to speed up your job search!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very good suggestions for helping those who might be afraid to move out of there comfort zone. The "sales" role is not for everyone, but when looking for a job, you are you own best salesman.

So believe in your product (you) and go for it!

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