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Currently there is no other tool online as effective in a job search as LinkedIn!

Flat out.

Period. (OK... I'm open to some debate, but I'm convinced it's HUGE)

Here's how to make it work for your Job Search

  • Create a Dynamite Profile!

    - Have more detailed information on LinkedIn than your resume

    - Keep it professional!

    - Be meticulous in your spelling, grammar, etc.

    - Include as many relevant keywords as possible. BE FOUND!

    - Include your email address in your summary. BE EASY TO CONTACT!

    - Add relevant attachments (keep them professional and relevant)

    - Put a link to your profile in your email signatures. Point people to your background!

    - Add a professional looking picture of yourself (makes it more personal)

  • Write recommendations for people you’ve worked with and for.

    Often they will return the favor.

  • Connect. Connect. Connect.

    - Find old colleagues and connect without needing an email address

    - Join relevant “Groups” and connect without needing an email address

    - Connect to a few TopLinked people to expand your reach quickly

    - Connect with EVERYONE you know that you can find on LinkedIn

    - The more connections, the greater your reach!

  • Use the power of Groups!

    - Join LinkedIn Groups related to your field and/or region

    - See who's there; potential hiring managers?

    - Engage in conversations; contribute positively; get known (DON'T COMPLAIN or trash anyone or anything!)

    - Connect to more people, extending your reach to others in the same field

    - Let them know you're looking!

    - Provide leads for others; GIVE BEFORE YOU GET

  • Add regular updates like:

    - “Seeking my next opportunity to make a difference” or

    - “Seeking to add value somewhere new” or

    - “Exploring new opportunities” or

    - “Looking for a new challenge”

    - Each time you change your update, it appears on all your connections Home Page reminding them you're still interested in leads!


    - Always select 100 miles from zip code (you don’t know where they live)

    - Make sure you select “present” or “past or present” depending on what you are looking for

    - Start with broad generic search terms, and get more specific if you get too many results

    - Find hiring managers (i.e. Title: Controller; Company: ABC Textiles)

    - Find alumni contacts that can make an intro for you (i.e. Company: General Mills; School: Carlton)

    - Find old colleagues from previous jobs; where are they now? Which companies have hired your peers?

    - Find potential peers that can direct you to the right hiring manager

    - Find more companies that have same positions (i.e. Title: Electrical Engineer)

    - Find all contacts at a smaller company

    - Find recruiters in your field (i.e. Keywords: Recruiter AND Engineering)

    - Look at recommendations for hiring managers

    - Look at who your results are connected to for other potential contacts

    - Use the Job Search function to find opportunities and link directly to related contacts in your network

  • Contact them directly

    - Look through their entire profile, sometimes they list their email for you

    - Learn and use connect.data.com  

    - Google their name in quotes with the email domain of their company (i.e. “Harry Urschel” AND "@eexecutives.net”)

    - Try standard email formats (i.e. firstname.lastname@company.com or FLastname@company.com)

    - Call main company number and ask for them

  • Prepare for your interviews

    - Look up the people you will be meeting with and learn about them:

    > What has their career path been

    > Where did they go to school

    > Who do you know in common

    > What else do they share about themselves

  • Consider a premium membership
    (No. I don't get a commission)

    - Lets you see profiles not in your network (no names given, but can often be found through Google)

    - Allows you to send “InMails” to people you’re not directly connected to

    - Gives you improved search results

I know... you still have questions.
Like "What do I say when I contact a hiring manager directly?"

Stay Tuned!


Jeff Carter said...

Great tips! The tip regarding recommendations cannot be overlooked... as a recruiter, I put profiles with recommendations at the top of my call list.

I also wrote briefly on LinkedIn as job search tool here: http://www.unison-search.com/using-linkedin-to-find-your-next-job/

CorDell Larkin said...


Good list of things to do on LinkedIn for job searchers.

An additional way to "guess" at a person's email address is to look at the company's investor relations and/or press release areas of company website. Often times you can find the head of finance/investor relations and a PR contact who lists their email in these areas, and with this information you can make a very reasonable guess at the email structure the company uses and thus your contact's email addresss.

Anonymous said...

Excellent re: giving recommendations.

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