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I HATE thinking about a job search!

Is that you?

Let's face it, it is for most people. If you're unemployed, or mis-employed, it still has to be done, so what can you do about it? Get over it, and to steal a phrase from Nike: Just Do It!

Alright, so you're ready to jump in...What now? There's SO much to do! What works? What doesn't? What do I do first? What should I consider? Who do I talk to? What do I say? What then?

We'll cover that here... providing new content, links, scripts, videos, and everything else you'll need.

BUT... you say... I can find all that a lot of places... What makes this any better?

EXPERIENCE! For more than 20 years I've placed hundreds of people into new permanent / full-time jobs, contract jobs, consulting assignments, and part-time jobs. I help lead a Job Networking group, teach an 8-week class on job transition, coach people personally, and OBSERVE. I get to see what works... and what doesn't work. I get to talk to the interviewer and the interviewee after a meeting. Sometimes they see things the same way, and sometimes I wonder if they actually met eachother! I see what gets traction, and what falls flat... in the hunt, in the interview, and in getting to an offer.

I see what's changed over the years. How some new media has in many cases made old best practices become obsolete. How sometimes old best practices get ignored when they still apply. And how culture, language, ideas, and people have changed the process.

Let's GO!

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